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Applied Physiology

The application of physiology is centered around the maintenance of the homeostasis of the body.  In such that understanding complex dynamic processes of the influence of stressors on the body and the various pathophysiology of deviations from homeostasis or balance.


Physiology is the science behind how the body and all its systems function. A physiologist understands the science of how the body adapts and responds to stressors that may impact one’s homeostasis or ability to maintain balance and health.  Shannon is an applied physiologist that specializes in prescribing individual biomarker-based solutions to bring balance back to one’s body and improve metabolic adaptability.  Biomarker-based solutions improve metabolic and hormone disruptions and also improve performance at all levels.

A physiological profile assessment and biomarker analysis will evaluate one’s current bioenergetic status in order to help set a plan and goals for each client.  Various health biomarkers are affected by daily lifestyle, stress, and training loads.  My goal is to help each individual achieve balance, metabolic adaptability, improved health, and performance.

What Can A Physiologist Do For You?

  • Improve Hormone Disruptions

  • Improve Metabolic Disruptions

  • Improve Energy and Sleep Quality

  • Decrease Negative Stress Effects

  • Improve Athletic Performance

  • Corrective Exercise Plan To Eliminate Injuries

  • Improve Strength, Balance, Flexibility

  • Balance Menstrual Cycle

  • Youth, Teen, and Adult Athletes

  • Improve Health and Immunity

Virtual or Phone Consultations Available

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