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Physiological Profile
Bioenergetic Power Analysis 

Physiological Profile Testing

Our cutting-edge methods ensure clients are at their best.  Shannon is the creator of an unparalleled human performance biomarker analytics application called System Based Training (SBT).  The SBT method of physiological testing, analysis, and individualized training prescription. SBT’s advanced analytics uses individual biomarkers with specific protocols to quantify, predict, and improve human performance. SBT uses proven principles of physiology and biochemistry to provide individualized prescription plans which optimize metabolic adaptability, hormone production, and performance. 

Physiological Profile


  • A controlled, continuous protocol that measures various metrics such as speed, power, heart rate, and blood lactate 

  • Measures bioenergetic availability each client has available to perform work

  • Addresses WHY the client may or may not be improving in her/his health and/or performances

  • Addresses HOW to prescribe training of each client to improve physiology for better health and performance

BioEnergetic Power Scores™ 

The BioEnergetic Power Scores™ (BEPS) scores have been developed by exercise physiologist Shannon Grady and provide deeper insight into human performance metrics. 

BEPS provides:

  • Quantifiable indications of positive or negative training responses

  • Individualized daily training parameters to optimal all metabolic areas pertinent to performance improvements and recovery

  • Individualized, data-based parameters for training periodization

BEPS scores explained:

  • In humans, energy is needed to create work. When energy is generated, a combination of simultaneous and interacting processes takes place in the body. In SBT analytics, human energy is divided into 8 Systems  

  • Each System is unique in its characteristics to adapt to training stressors. Each System is important and contributes to work output  

  • Metabolic output, homeostasis, and performance depend on the availability and level of functioning of each System.

  • Each available System is one's current ability to generate work and ability to adapt to the various training stimuli 

  • BEPS-scores are reference values that have been using data of more than 150,000 tests of athletes in all levels from beginners to Olympians

  • BEPS scores indicate if current training is effective and how to adjust training periodization appropriately to reach performance goals

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