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System Based Training
Unlocking human potential since 2002. 
The ONLY truly individualized, dynamic training periodization model available!

System Based Training (SBT) takes a comprehensive approach to performance improvements by providing in-depth athlete analysis, data application, and support to coaches, athletic staff, and athletes.  System Based Training performance optimization bridges the gap between physiological data and performance results.  SBT is proven, actionable, easy, and unique.  SBT is an in-depth biomarker-based physiological testing and analysis which serves as a diagnostic tool for training optimization and as a preventative measure for performance declines.

The SBT is unparalleled in biomarker-based human physiological performance evaluations and applications.

Improve Metabolic Adaptability and Overall Health

SBT is a way to “look inside the body” to determine how well it is functioning. Physiological profile analysis is used to help achieve overall performance, well-being, or weight loss goals.  Optimal metabolic adaptability is achieved when the body has the appropriate bioenergetic availability. The appropriate bioenergetic availability is having energy available for numerous tasks and activities.  Understanding one’s bioenergetic status is the key to homeostasis, energy in, energy out, improving metabolism, and optimizing performance. 


Optimize Performance

All level athlete’s goals are equally important, be it completing a triathlon, playing ice hockey, running a marathon, or preparing for the Olympic games. No matter what the sport, SBT methods quantify, predict, and improve human performance. 

Identify Underperformance Causes

Optimal performance depends on the ability to efficiently create and use the fuels needed for specific activities. SBT diagnostic, analytics, and application will create training parameters based on physiological needs. Through the identification of declining physiological function, SBT diagnostic, analytics can detect the warning signs for overtraining, and put in place a management plan to ensure that training response and recovery are maximized. 


SBT diagnostic, analytics, and application take the guesswork out of training.

Keys To Performance Success:

  • Individualized training

  • Optimized metabolic and performance outputs

  • Appropriate daily training load and recovery 

  • Daily training governors to avoid overreaching or overuse injuries and metabolic declines 

  • Achieve desired training response with high efficacy

  • Monitor and optimize recovery, training response, and metabolic demands effects of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly training loads

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