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Meet Shannon

My Mission

My passions are health, wellness, sports, nature, and family.  I have dedicated my life to helping others improve their quality of life through sports, fitness, wellness, along with preventive and natural health methods.  My experience in working with people of all ages and levels is expansive with a passion for bringing people together for a positive experience with family, friends, and nature.   


I focus on helping others improve health and well-being while escaping the noise, stressors, and chaos of daily life.  


Physiologist & Coach


Over the past 20 years, I have become a global leader in the application of lactate dynamics for human performance optimization and a nationally recognized expert in the field of applied Physiology & Exercise Science working with 1000s of athletes including Olympic, professionals, collegiate, and high school level.  I have competed on an elite and international level in running and triathlon, former professional runner, and 6-time Team USA Triathlon with 4 Top-10 ITU World Championship finishes. I make it my personal mission to help each athlete to achieve their potential. 

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